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Demand for advanced data

An aging population and increased insurance coverage for real-world data will boost demand for comprehensive multi-axis data collection by the Zeblok platform. Physical therapy practices serving the elderly have experienced significant growth in scale and scope of practice; implementing novel analytics will allow real-time monitoring, patient-specific recommendations, and improved outcomes.

Multiple gait-improvement targets

Gait-related outcome measurements by Zeblok for physical therapists are key for rehabilitation from stroke and musculoskeletal ailments. Improvement in gait traits through occupational and applied behavioral analysis therapy of patients with autism spectrum disorder will broaden the marketing appeal of PT practices integrating technology from Zeblok.

Enhanced personal results

The American Physical Therapy Association recognizes the expanding potential of data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) in patient care and improvements in adherence. Zeblok provides a platform allowing PT practices to achieve enhanced results by identifying specific areas for each patient in need of therapeutic focus.

Capturing market share

The ability to quickly adopt innovative and patient-engaging technology is recognized as a key competitive differentiator in a highly fragmented $43B market, with over 120,000 businesses in the US alone. Zeblok affords PT practices a low barrier to entry into the ever-enlarging world of advanced real-time physical data collection.


Improved patient engagement

Physical therapists receive little right now from patients more than a difficult-to-verify “Yes, I did what you told me to do.” Zeblok allows PTs to pull data from integrated devices to make decisions about patient care and improve prescribed home-exercise adherence.

Enhanced patient safety

PTs and care providers are alerted to gait changes. Notifications of gait instability and possible fall occurrences by Zeblok permit immediate follow-up with patients, opening the door for real-time interventions to prevent fatigue and injuries.

Quantitative outcome measures

The Insole or other devices from Zeblok can be incorporated by PTs into patient-specific therapeutic programs. Algorithms within the platform and the cloud help PTs track, count, and analyze movements and provide a quantitative view of adherence by patients to rehabilitation protocol instructions.

Patient progression trends

PTs can review session-over-session improvements in patient performance from continuous, real-time, real-world data collection by Zeblok. Therapy sessions can be tailored and exercise instructions provide for patients to carry out at home, with knowledge that the Zeblok platform will provide quantitative evidence of compliance or difficulties in performance.

Deepened relationships

PTs can register specific biomechanical events and targets for individual patients. Zeblok provides opportunities for specific follow-up as well allowing deeper relationships with patients, as all parties recognize the significance and utility of the Zeblok platform to monitor progress towards therapeutic goals. PTs can incorporate wellness-related sessions to further improve patient engagement.

Customized mobile app

Ask us how Zeblok can work with you to customize mobile apps that enable take-home exercises. Zeblok can even create a custom mobile app for the specific needs of your physical therapists and their patients.


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