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Zeblok Vision

Build beautiful, connected, smart, intelligent devices loved by our customers for providing a frictionless experience while data from real-world usage transforms the quantitative understanding of human activities and behavior to improve outcomes, engagement, safety, and quality of care. Zeblok is at its core a data company; our sensors are a natural means to an insightful end.

Zeblok Mission

Zeblok is focused on creating effective solutions for two principal challenges of our time. One, lowering the cost of pharmaceutical development through smarter real-world data collection introduced earlier in the life cycle of the journey from molecule to medicine. Two, improving outcomes, safety, and quality of care for our seniors in the face of an increasing senior population and the inevitably adverse rationing of care providers for seniors. Both challenges can be resolved with one platform from Zeblok, rooted in real-world, real-time data collection. We overcome these challenges by designing and building world-class hardware and software.

Zeblok expertise

Zeblok integrates proximity, biomechanical, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and sensor technologies into a single, reliable, 24 × 7 middleware platform that is robust, efficient, and completely cloud-managed. This backbone becomes an integrator of a wide array of multifunctional sensors and devices—developed both by Zeblok as well as third parties—which is efficiently scaled across deployments in both small and large physical spaces. Embedded technology provides consistency across various device classes and form factors, such as beacons, shoes, cameras, other wearables, smart pads, and pendants. Such devices communicate with Zeblok gateways through Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-based wireless technologies or directly through IoT Mobile-to-Mobile (M2M) cellular technologies. Zeblok gateways, in turn, securely connect to the Zeblok cloud-based platform through Wi-Fi, 3G GSM, and 4G LTE, thereby enabling adaptive remote management as well as extensive analytics of data streams never before possible. Zeblok employs low-cost, standards-based, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components to create a suite of sensors able to continuously and wirelessly monitor motion, acceleration, foot plantar pressure, EKG, heart rate, respiratory rate, and skin-surface temperature, integrating such data streams into the Zeblok platform for comprehensive real-time analysis. This allows sensor fusion of events both at the edge as well as in the cloud, creating unique and transformational customer experiences augmented through M2M solutions from Zeblok. We are starting with healthcare but the core Zeblok platform is easily implemented within any industry which can benefit from data streams collected through smart and connected devices.


Zeblok researchers bring together robust skill sets within hardware and software technology innovations, as well as vast collective experiences in user- and customer-experience design. This combination of creative and scientific minds enables rapid development of novel solutions for enhancing brand image and value through digital experiences, across a wide range of market segments. This philosophy is reflected across Zeblok product lines. Zeblok is actively collaborating with multidisciplinary research teams at preeminent universities in the northeastern United States to address manifold topics including gait, aging at home, and sensory motor-related issues arising within autism and aging.


  • Show courage in building bold and beautiful products.
  • Show respect and care in treating customers.
  • Show love and affection in treating employees.
  • Show reality in treating investors.
  • Show honesty and transparency in treating everyone.

Our Investors & Advisors

Seed round investment in Zeblok was completed in August 2016. Early angel investors include highly accomplished individuals from the insurance industry and Wall Street, a New York IIT-IIM investment group, and a consortium of leading physicians. We are excited about some of the announcements we’ll be making shortly. Stay tuned. We are very fortunate and honored to have incredibly talented people joining the company’s advisory board. Join us in our quest to bring sensors to life.